Lighting for roads and public spaces is an important part of any development. Determining what level of lighting you need for your external space can be found by assessing the level of the following three attributes and referring to AS/NZS 1158 series: 

Crime - The risk of crime in the area, or how much lighting a person would need to feel safe

Prestige - The need to enhance prestige

Usage - The amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Using the below software based from the AS/NZS 1158 series you can decide what level of lighting you want for your external space, and include it in your next external lighting performance specification. However If you want a detailed design please contact us for a obligation free quote.

If you like this software you can now download it free on your iphone and ipad.

 photo d2d77ed7-6407-4100-957c-8231b9e17556.png  

Australian Standard Lighting levels for roads and public spaces.   Use this software to find the compliant lighting levels for roads and public spaces. The values are based off the AS1158 series.